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That's my online handle. If you see my posts on message boards, chat with me on AIM, or visit my xanga and myspace, you already know that.

I came across a link to my primary blog on another aspiring writer's site. He mentioned chosing a tag for your writing. I hadn't thought of a good one yet, but I've always liked Mary Engelbreit's statement - "Books fall open, you fall in." Fall in. Waterfall.

WaterfallBooks - Fall In.

No good for a tagline with my name, but for a newsletter with book reviews - perfect. I'd been having a bit of trouble with the Narnia theme. Where, for example, would chick-lit go? (Perhaps Lasaraleen's estate, but who would get that?)

With a waterfall theme (and extending it to other waters), I have plenty to choose from. Cataract. Cascade. Rapids. Torrent. River. Brook. Stream. Creek. Canal. Ocean. Sea. Lake. Pond. Pool. Lagoon. Fjord. Inlet. Fountain. Whirlpool. Mud puddle.